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The University of Chicago
Redesigned February 2008
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Submitted by: jauses
School: The University of Chicago
Location: Illinois, USA

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The University of Chicago

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This looks good but I feel like too many colleges are using this same look over and over again.

I believe MSU was the first to use this.

Here are a few:

(those are taken soley from the home page of this site)

clean grid but a little busy for me.

@lcwebmaster MSU was first?! It was Cornell University who set the standard--MSU copied.

Yes, I believe Cornell did the first in-depth work in this style

I am not sure what you mean with "same look".
To me they look different.

I am not sure what you mean with "same look".
To me they look different.

Miles better over what came before. This is a very news-y site, and it's a little unclear to me what all the columns are for ("Spotlight" is different than "News" which is different than ... that other column beneath "News"?)

@lcwebmaster - you're absolutely right, it's high time we started running navigation bars diagonally across the page...

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