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Brown University
Redesigned September 2010
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Submitted by: tallkitchenbags
School: Brown University
Location: Rhode Island, USA

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The video currently on the homepage is very well done - it's powerful and compelling, it gave me goosebumps. I actually watched the whole thing, and I'm not even interested in Brown.

Although I haven't spent much time on the site, it appears well done. It's clean and content is well formatted. I quite like it.

I question putting a youtube hosted video as the most prominent content on the homepage. While this will usually be fine, many (most?) high schools block youtube and I would not want potential applicants to see the site like that. Why not host the video locally?

I would not agree that most or even many high schools block YouTube. I would also not agree that the primary college search is done from school computers. The screenshot looks like it used to be hosted on Vimeo, which I would suggest they switch back to anyway because of markedly superior UI chrome given their design.

Very well done site. It was easy to navigate and find admission information easily. However, there are some odd spacing issues between paragraphs (at least on my computer). But for me that doesn't distract from the beauty of the site.

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