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Submitted by: middlebury
School: Middlebury College
Location: VT, USA

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This web design was implemented in 2004.

I like a lot of the elements on this website like "My Midd Experience" and the photos on the homepage but the design feels a little too static and brochureware-ish.

I was readily expecting to see a full table based site and pleasantly surprised when I found none.

I really love the design as it's different and creative in my opinion. The interior pages also have a nice look and feel to them.

The font-size is entirely too small though and the line-height for content needs an adjustment, I found almost everything on the site extremely hard to read.

Overall though, for a site implemented in 2004, this is an exceptional job, I'm actually really impressed this site is 4 years old and using full CSS.

A redesigned version of middlebury.edu was launched in February 2010. That's what you'll see at http://www.middlebury.edu.

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