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The University of Alabama
Noteworthy January 2010
Redesigned August 2009
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School: The University of Alabama

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I like the redesign, but I find the red inline links on the subpages hard to read. Maybe it's just me.

Red, simply too much red. Information is buried for my searching. It seems to be too much emphasis on news and not enough on information.

This is nice and clean well balanced and not too much unnecessary visual noise. This website is a good attempt of a style that we are using at the minute, here is an example of a very nice site that we have been using for inspiration:

This is really well done. Way to cut back on gimicky-doohickeys and just tell a story. Great news/marketing piece. The classy links for the targeted audience pages get people, to what they need in a really logical way. Nice design consistency throughout the top level page also. Great work.

First impression: Too many photos but a beautiful flowing home page. I really like the header, main navigation bar, footer and quick links section. I love the colors, the color gradients, color blending and flow. Right amount of different font options. Great job BAMA. Roll Tide! MyStyle!

I'm seein' red -- but that's the point. Crimson Tide!

While the design is clean, the use of .html in the URL's has always been a pet peeve of mine. In addition, the font colors just don't draw my eye anywhere important and I wind up spending a lot of time looking for items of interest.

One of the things that I find difficult to deal with is trying to truly weed out what is important for the home page, when everyone thinks their dept/office is home-page worthy! So, I get really excited - and hopeful - when I see a college attempts to keep what's important, important, and placing all else in a comprehensive yet simple navigation system...and succeed in doing so. Very good.

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