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The navigation set is super confusing to me. If you click on the top part of the "speech bubble" (the text section that says Art & Performance, Design and Media) it takes you to one page. But, apparently, when you mouse over the bottom part of the speech bubble it has this hover style where the box pops down a little bit. If you click that, there's a hidden, collapsible navigation set. I found it by accident. IMO, it's not very intuitive.
Also, clicking the sections that say Art & Performance, Design and Media don't take you to seperate pages... the navigation set below stays the same, it just takes you to a course page. I would expect the 2nd tier navigation set to be specific to the section you just clicked on, but it's not.
I may not be explaining this well, so I suppose all I need to say is that the navigation is very, very confusing.

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