Pacific Union College

Pacific Union College
Noteworthy March 2009
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School: Pacific Union College

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I like the site. I think they have done an overall great work with the design. Small details here and there that make the pages look well organized and professional.

Great job!!!

I like the subtle background. Overall, I agree there are somethings to tweak here, the site has a nice feel to it.

I like the trees in the background...nice touch without being distracting at all. Nice use of color and subtle gradients throughout the site. Everything looks clean and well organized.

Very nicely organized. Clean and pleasing. The Degrees & Programs section relies too heavily on PDFs.

Very good website. I really like this one.

Drew13: why do you not like this site? it would be interesting to know.

i'm like! nice organized

It really is great. When comparing Adventist college sites now, PUC is definitely the one to beat.

I love this site! Really good attention to Information Architecture and nice subtle design. Great job!

The site is very well done as far as design goes. The one thing I would add is the navigation menu on the left side of the pages, once you click Academics, Enrollment, etc. Or even when on the home and you hover the three feature article titles. I'm not colorblind and I find it really difficult to tell that a color change occurs on the hover, so I would imagine this would then make it difficult for someone who is color blind.

I like the background on this site - Subtle and not to crazy. The internal pages are much better looking than the homepage ( It feels very crowded). The use of icons and text styles on the internal pages make them much more appealing and organized. One thing I disagree with are all the different link styles. Too many without one standard tying them together (for example an underline) is confusing for the user.

Overall the site architecture is nicely set up. I will give you a thumbs up I think.

I agree with the comments regarding the appeal of the subtle background. It really adds a uniqueness to the site while maintaining the focus where it should be. It reminds be of Canadian University College ( site.

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