Oberlin College - Athletics

Oberlin College - Athletics
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Submitted by: rileywills
School: Oberlin College
Location: USA

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I like this but just barely. It has everything you need here but I feel like I've seen this design on 300 other athletic sites.

I was on the edge with this one. I went with a TU because all sports sites are filled with tons of information and flash/graphics, this one just seemed to be a little bet better designed for some reason.

Not great by any means, but better than a lot that I've seen

Agree with @rjensen in that the norm for athletics sites seems to be a cluttered mess. But this one still didn't do it for me. The mustard color I found overbearing and extremely distracting, not to mention I think they could have done a much better job with white-space overall.

I've seen worse, but I've also seen better. TD for me.

Definitely a field that is still awaiting a really great design. Perhaps BU will do a sports design and set a standard. If there wasn't as much mustard color in the style it would be close to a TU. TD for mustard!

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