Boston University - Undergraduate Admissions

Boston University - Undergraduate Admissions
2009 Winner OmniUpdate Best Prospective Student or Admissions Site
2009 People's Choice Winner OmniUpdate Best Prospective Student or Admissions Site
Noteworthy January 2009
Redesigned November 2008
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Boston University's Office of New Media continues to outdo itself.

@djcapobianco 100% agree, another amazing job by the BU team. They really are tough to beat.

Very nice :)

I agree with everyone. This site is amazing.

So classy. Simple, clean, elegant. Awesome.

They're good at what they do.

I agree, it's clean and elegant. There's a lot that appeals to me, but that raises a red flag at the same time. I'm 30, not 18. Does this kind of design actually appeal to a younger crowd? I tend to doubt it.

Also, the more I browsed through it, the more I felt like I was looking at a Wordpress template or something. A very nicely done template, don't get me wrong. But a number of elements just don't seem to gel with the site, like they're tacked on in an attempt to customize something pretty generic (which is why it feels like a template to me).

I like the sections, the emphasis on video, and the idea that voices are important. That's a great strategy and focus. But in the end, it just feels a bit too sterile.

I'm 23 and I find it to be a pretty attractive site. Design doesn't need to "scream" at you to appeal to a younger audience. The younger crowd can appreciate clean and elegant too.

I'm 23 and from my perspective the design is appealing but the content needs a little improvement. The sections are not as appealing as the design and some of the internal pages seem a little light. I'm sure there will be improvements and those improvements will probably exceed any of our expectations.

Hate to say it guys, but I'm 23 as well. And there's a pretty big gap between me and the average 17/18 year old college/uni prospective student. What we may find appealing may be very differently received among that demographic.

LOVE this site!

Hmm, uses .gif's in places that don't load all that pretty if they come in before the background....

ok, I join the ranks of the admirers. Now that's what a redesign is all about!

wow, thank you for broadening my horizons. I continue to envy BU's Office of New Media

This site has great content (slideshows, etc).

New Media now has a blog, it's kind of interesting
Love this site

Clean and elegant design. Easy to navigate and find information quickly. Colors work well - nice job!

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