Nebraska Christian College

Nebraska Christian College
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School: Nebraska Christian College

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Very simple site. There are a couple of things right away that bother me a bit. The bar with drop shadow for the nav (I'm not sure why) and the "Colors of Christmas" image; the green just breaks the overall palette and leaves a big white gap underneath.

All in all it is a simple, clear site, once you pass the homepage the graphical treatment is minimal and the body limited to pretty much a block of text so it looses interest and it may not be very appealing to students.

I would have use a different font for the graphics and not html titles, considering the one they have for their logo. Probably an elegant serif would work better.

First off I had a very hard time distinguishing links from regular copy. Dark blue text for links with no styling is hard to differentiate from black copy.

Second, images for links when it is just basic font copy is a no-go in my book. Not to mention I didn't even see any rollovers on ANY of the home page items until my second mouse-over, as they were obviously using some sort of javascript (late 90's) based image rollovers that weren't loaded the first time around.

CSS + rollovers = your friend Nebraska

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