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Hastings College
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School: Hastings College

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I could live with the top half of the home page. It divides and directs the audience on a pretty clear way.

The top banner with logo and beveled bar could be worked out and a better selection of images would make the first look more appealing.

Once inside, the graphical treatment is very poor. Font is too small and the left nav gets a bit overwhelming when it has so many links.

It is nice that for every main section from the top horizontal nav, you have a different color to identify that part of the site, but I think they haven't been too good with the colors choice; mostly some of them contrast way too much with the red from the bar (and I imagine branding color).

For the Alumni and Friends" section, they have a bar in the middle with "At a Glance" title that looks like a drop down menu so it gets confusing. Bad choice of graphical style.

Not graphical consistency at all. Sorry not for me :(

Ok, let's just say first 30 second impression here without even clicking off the homepage.. The flash movie was utterly distracting. I was trying to read content in the center of the page, but the silly flying text from the late 90's in the flash movie kept drawing my attention back up to it.

Not to mention no links other than the main navigation seem to have any rollover states?

Clicking through to the interior pages I felt the font size was entirely too small for the content and left me squinting.

ANd above all else, the instant thumbs down comes from a full table based layout. In dire need of a proper redesign here.

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