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Vassar College - Admissions
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Submitted by: jillgee
School: Vassar College

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Initially the thumbnail preview of the site looked intriguing until it is viewed in its fullness and it becomes a bit too excessive. Too much fighting between text and image. My eyes are screaming "IT HURTS! IT HURTS!! CLOSE IT!!".

The Flash scroll feature is neat and SOME of the child pages,the few that carried the look and feel from the homepage is really good looking ei: Student blog, financial aid, campus tour..

So how to decide, my style or not...? NOT MY STYLE solely because I know these people are capable of designing based on the few child pages consistent with the homepage. So Im holding the designer accountable at this point and should have done something different with those boxy images and text.

Final proof that the economy is in the dumps: some desperate parent has clearly sent their 3-year-old out to make a living designing website backgrounds....

There's lots of great content here but the presentation is overwhelming. However, I showed this site to some high school students and most of them liked it. So younger visitors may have a higher tolerance for visual noise than we do.

@jillgee great point, but one thing we need to remember, is while someone might like something based on looks alone; once they actually have to use the site, their opinion could change drastically. Not saying that is the case with your students here, but something to consider.

The truth is that the inside pages are nice, clean and clear, with a good combination of text and graphics. It is the homepage in this case which makes the site not too good.

I could live with the big top banner with the lines and text (although I think it is a waste of real state and pushes the rest of the content way down), then the flash horizontal slider a bit over the top (you are supposed to design for the content and the user, not to showcase your flash skills... and I am guilty too), but then the bunch of boxed images with text... just got me lost.

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