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Submitted by: ericstoller
School: Purdue University
Location: IN, USA

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It has something and then it loses me at the same time. Maybe it is the square and grid, maybe it is the list of links, I just tend to think less is often more.

This feels like Ubuntu to me.
First thing I do whenever I install Ubuntu is change the color scheme to something other than brown. The design isn't bad, it's the monochromatic color scheme that loses me.

I've been sitting on this one for days... trying to decide how to vote here.

@Stewart, monochromatic palettes have had their fair share of admirers on eduStyle. I submit into evidence Duquesne University - MBA Sustainability (the third most popular site of ALL TIME):


While I'm actually the lone voice of descent when it comes to DUQ, I think monochromatic design, in and of itself, can be really well executed and compelling.

Unfortunately, I have to say I'm disappointed with this effort by Purdue. This site is simple, but it is not deceivingly so, it's just simple. It lacks certain flare and attention to detail.

It's also true, however, that if this site belonged to a regional community college, I'd probably not be this critical... hence my reluctance: do I assess it from a purely objective point of view or factor in expectations?

Wow! You've been "sitting on this one for days"... Impressive. ;-)

@msteciuk I should have been more clear. I'm not against monochromatic color schemes in general. I'm usually changing Ubuntu to some other monochromatic scheme. It is a personal taste, but this much brown just doesn't engage me. It feels tired.

Were I to tweak this one, I might leave the background and header colors. I'd play with the content area and navigation. Brown being fairly neutral you could have a lot of color variety in that area while still maintaining the brown brand colors.

Looks far too much like a business rather than an academic institution. Professional, yes, but not all that welcoming.

I'm loving this. Classy! Easy on the eyes - good grouping of categories. The horizontal drop downs were buggy for me (Firefox 3.0.3/Mac), but I like the use of space, the subtle shadows and the color scheme.

The color scheme seems dated. I like the beige from the older version more than the brassy gold. The navigation initially appears to be simple, but once I start looking through the menus, I realized there are 27 different primary menu/link options on the front page. let alone the further layers that show up when you mouse over them. I think overall I may like the older version more.

Bad site.

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