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Champlain College
Noteworthy October 2008
Redesigned August 2008
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Submitted by: collegeDesigner
School: Champlain College
Location: Vermont, USA


Clean. Straight to the point. Soft colors. Thumbs up for me.

Wish the page of Programs and Majors defaulted to the list of majors then gave the options if you are a _special case_ student. It feels like just another hoop to jump through.

Mmmm, lots of nice new designs to look at today on eduStyle.

Here, I'll have to mention my dislike of the hover effect making links appear less, not more legible.

I also get a bit annoyed when an item on the main menu (i.e. Graduate Studies) takes me to a site that breaks with the current template - it always throws me off. Undergraduate Studies uses a more consistent template, but parts with the rounded corners which I see as a signature of the main page.

Very "print style" but I like it. The colors are bold but work. A lot of nice things going on here different from the norm.

I agree with comments above, and would also like to add the font-size for main content is a little small for my taste, appears to be 8 or 9pt which is definitely small.

I hate making comments where I just say I agree, I agree, I agree. But ... I agree with what the others have said. I'd make some quick fixes to the font sizes in the main body and the active section/hover link colors in the main nav and this site would jump up a notch in my books. In spite of those issues this is an easy vote up for me. Well done.

I give this one a "my style", but definitely have a couple of issues. I love the overall look and color scheme. The site looks clean and professional. On the flip side, it's looks like they could have purchased a fresh template from the template factory and slapped a logo on top. The fonts of the page headers look nice, but I agree body text needs a bump up in size.
Finding the majors list takes way too many clicks. In fact, on my 1024 laptop, all of the text and navigation on the first majors page (before you get to the real one)was "below the fold" due to the very large flash piece. There were no hints that I needed to scroll down, either. Another page that posed issues on my 1024 monitor was the main undergrad studies page, where the tabbed nav on the right extended beyond my screen. All of these small details that could make a big difference in the overall experience.

I really enjoy this design, and I'm totally okay with being the only person to say this... but I do not love the color palette at all.

This site features a great design and great content.

It's a nice design -- very sweet, very simple. Tabby layout, headings and breadcrumbs make for good orientation. And while I'm not sure how I feel personally about the color palette, it's a unique palette that's easy on the eyes and still manages to stand out. (Breaking out of traditional higher ed-type palettes is an achievement in itself!) Big improvement over the old.

Great work!!!!

Slight navigation shift in the Undergraduate page > Tell us about yourself (located top right away from the secondary nav that is now become first due to its positioning). While all the subsequent links follow the same format, "Tell us about yourself" takes us out side Undergraduate and brings us to top a level page. Threw me off but im sure the folks behind this site thought about alternative ways to solve this nav problem and came up with this as the best way to do it. Im good with this site. Simple yet playful and creative enough.

The undergraduate studies page came together nicely. Comparatively speaking, the main Champlain page is lacking in a lot of areas. It feels unfinished, looking at the tabbed news and events which completely lack content, I'm left wondering what the point of that is when you could easily fit both pieces of content in the same space. As another commenter mentioned, the colors seem almost random in selection and the clashing of font choices leaves it feeling like it was done less professionally than the rest of the site that uses the other template type.

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