Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University
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Submitted by: msteciuk
School: Eastern Michigan University
Location: Michigan, US

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Is he wearing a Wayne State University Hat AND uniform? you would think they can get another photo of the new baseball coach in an EMU garb... thanks for the accidental cross-promotion!

@rolaine - that's pretty funny.

When I first visited the page, I didn't even realize those images rotated, because I wasn't there long enough for it to switch, and also because there's no way to advance the slide manually. I went back to see the photo referenced above and got well annoyed waiting for it...

Beyond that, it's really a mediocre effort. I don't like the navigation, nor the layout jumping to left-justified on internal pages.

@msteciuk So true, very annoying to wait for the rotation, it would be a lot better if you could move at your own pace.

Navigation is HUGE, looks like anything someone wants in there just gets added without second guessing the impact.

- The green makes me feel a little sick. Perhaps step to some complimentary colors and lighten up the page a little bit. The available colors could create some interesting, TU material.

- Content, navigation of the website feels different in the style through each department. Academics, admissions, athletics, etc... and this may due to design choice, but I have to check the URL to insure that I'm at the same website. No consistency.

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