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The College of William & Mary
2009 Winner Best Redesign
2009 People's Choice Winner Best Redesign
2009 People's Choice Winner Best Use of Photography
Noteworthy September 2008
Redesigned July 2008
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School: The College of William & Mary

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The way the main menu cuts across or splits the photo doesn't work for me. In the case of a nature photo, this may be okay, but when featuring people... a bar across someone's neck is sort of off-putting. This treatment also makes their logo virtually disappear (see above).

Otherwise, I'm a fan.

I'm in love with 99% of the site, but there are some minor things that I'm not a fan of.

Something about the homepage just looks too busy to me. Maybe its the forest photography, but my eyes really had a hard time focusing anywhere and were getting agitated.

Interior page left navigation, only the actual text is clickable, even though they have lines separating each element which gives the appearance more should be clickable like a button. I'm not sure why the decision was made to not have the entire bar clickable. 5 minutes in the CSS could fix this.

This site has so many positives, and just a couple of minor negatives. With a couple of hours of tweaks, I think we could have a real winner here.

very nice improvement over the previous site.

This site seems really nice. I like the dynamic images throughout, although it does become a bit overwhelming if you have been on the site for some time. I did notice some issues with the use of PNGs on my copy of IE6, but I do not think that is as big a deal as it might have been some time ago.

I like it alot, but if they took the nav out of the feature picture it would look better

I love photo-intense designs. This might be a little too intense, but I give it a thumb up. It's a huge improvement over the former design.

This site is nice.
n = noteworthy
i = interactive
c = crisp
e = easy to look at

It's just a big picture. What's so great about that?

I like the site except I have to agree with a couple others, that the navigation across the photo bothers me on the home page. I will give you kudos for trying something very unique. Overall, a nice redesign.

I ALMOST love it. Definitely more panoramic photo of nature, less people works the best with the dropped nav as @msteciuk said. I would like to see a little bit more of "eye rest"/breathing rooming on the bottom portion of the site. But what really got me to ALMOST loving the site is the fact that the almost all of w&M site adhered to the look... what an accomplishment granted they are a small college but the task of getting everyone on the same page is some a$$ kicking job.

I love the way this site comes together. Very well done, very well thought out.

Ok, so I'm kinda biased because I am a student at William and Mary, but I love all the pictures because I feel like they give you more of a feel for the college and I love how the picture on the home page can be different if you refresh the page. Also, the little box with the W&M Style or whatever it may be gives you information about W&M that you would probably have to look really hard for on other school's sites. Plus the box can be hidden if you want to see the picture better or find the box too distracting.

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