NOCCA | Riverfront

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NOCCA | Riverfront
This site may have been redesigned. We're investigating.
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Submitted by: drew4884
School: NOCCA | Riverfront
Location: New Orleans, LA, USA

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Recently redesigned! Take a look!

The redesign is definitely an improvement, at least aesthetically, over the previous version.

I appreciate your comments, what exactly would you want to see different?

@msteciuk Wow, not only is the "Find Out" graphic an exact copy, so is the text in the paragraph below. I wonder which one is the original?

@sweeney, judging by the fact that you can tell how poorly edited the NOCCA photo is (look around the paper clip), I'm betting Nebraska Wesleyan is the original...

Every thing is floating in space of endless beige creating a very disconnected feel. Maybe needing a background color (say mid-gray?) behind the main image, content, promo to give a sense of weight. Calendar too is way busy. And many other things needing refinement... Both thumbs are down.

Found this quite interesting as well.. I literally sat there for 30 seconds "assuming" something was loading. I was just about to close the window thinking it was broken when I casually clicked on the box (even though there was no cursor change or ANY indication I could) and noticed, oh, it actually was loaded.... What a great example of bad usability.

Hey! I made some new changes and would love to hear what everyone thinks... A much improved structure and flow... (At least I think!) Please help critique!

You have to put and not just as the link... LONG STORY - in the process of being fixed....

Redesign using Expression Engine!

  Anonymous    6 years ago

No comments? cmon :) !!!

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