Ambrose University College

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Ambrose University College
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Submitted by: youthpoint
School: Ambrose University College

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I think this is the first site I have ever seen that actually animates the text size changing when you click "larger text"....

I gather this is work of the same person/team responsible for Trinity Western. There are a number of parallels, most notably the header and navigation. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as visually appealing. In fact, I'd go as far as saying it looks dated and decidedly too compartmentalized (due, in large part, to all the borders that give it a very "tabled" feel)

PS: "tabled" is not a word, I totally just made that up because I'm a badass.

@msteciuk - this site was not done by the same designer as Trinity Western but deliberately copied - I think it's funny :) The Trinity Western guys done seem to mind the copy - flattery I guess :)

Colors are very flat and bland for me.

@youthpoint - explains a lot, actually.

I like the schools colors, but would like to see a few changes.

1)Lose bread crumb bar on homepage (we know it is the homepage).

2)Change the nav box color from the beige color to the red color of the top bar. (On child pages, make selected third level nav that beige color and make main nav and header's bg red).

3)Change the look of the red buttons below nav. They steal some of the nav's thunder and since they are all red (and there are a lot of them), my eye ignores what they say and looks elsewhere on the page. Not affective.

4)Lose red text and red text links.. big no no for usability, and they just don't look good.

5)Consider losing the bread crumbs all together. Instead when a user clicks on a third level nav link, the fourth level nav links could appear indented and visually different below (so the user can get back to the previous section easily, all within the main left nav through collapsing and expanding sections).

Feel free to try different things, but please address issues mentioned. Thanks.

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