State University of New York at New Paltz - Welcome Week

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State University of New York at New Paltz - Welcome Week
Redesigned August 2008
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A cover / splash page? Really not my thing at all.

@RHolbach Not fond of the slash screen either, I barely made it past it. Also the blurry background is not so hot either.

Cool look, but this doesn't work as a website. Splash screens have been gone since the early 2000's. Why hide your content behind a silly page with an image requiring users to click to even see anything? The design on the splash page I like, but it simply doesn't belong for a website.

The interior pages appear like you should scroll with the background image going off the bottom of the page, but actually you can't scroll, or don't need to. I think that will get more people than just me.

I like the creativity here, but in it's current form it is just not working.

Hmm... Why not just move the rest of the page's content below the fold? There are many ways to demand this kind of focus outside of just a splash page that doesn't even have a secondary function (like maybe preloading some awesome experience or something.)

Design-wise, it's cool, grungy and in-vogue. But I'm not sure I get the structure. Is it a site? Is it a splash page? I don't know. But kudos to the designers.

Reminds me of brochure-ware for the web.

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