Virginia Tech - School of Performing Arts

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Virginia Tech - School of Performing Arts
Redesigned August 2008
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Submitted by: possum4all2
School: Virginia Tech

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Clearly a lot of thought was given to the design of this site - it's bold, it's brave, it's unique...

Unfortunately, content presentation completely takes the back seat. I clicked around a bit and spent most of my time on this site scrolling because too much content is put on one page without as much as an anchor to take me back to the top once I've scrolled all the way to the bottom.

If you click on DEPARTMENTS, under the heading you'll see what looks like a sub menu of ... well, department names... but no, it's just text, and to read more about each, I have to scroll.

Also, do I really have to see the exact same Flash animation on every page? - it got old for me very quickly.

Some good feedback there, Maggie. I'll add some "top" anchors to those extra long pages. And fix the "subnav" looking subheaders on the Departments page. Easy fix, really. I can see the usability issues with that. Good input.

BTW, sometimes on a one-person project -- with limited resources and content assets, you just have to go with what you've got.

In a perfect world, this site would have been user tested, agile UXed and had the content designed from the ground up. In reality, it followed the design "lead" of a print campaign and was a quick fix to prevent yet another hack job from seeing the light of day.

The Maggie Steciuk gold standard is pretty high. As for me, I'll settle for a "bold, brave and unique" and live to compete another day. :)

@possum4amm2 - working on a solo project as we speak, so I feel your pain. "Card sort" has been on my to-do list for longer than I'd like to admit and every time I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's a train.... so, congratulations on making it to the finish line. A really strong foundation here.

I like 90% of it. Couple of minor content issues as msteciuk pointed out. And personally the white "artistic stretching boxes" coming off the content really annoy my eyes. But other than that a nice solid job here.

Ooo, a B+, that's not too bad, huh? Fixes coming soon re: maggie's comments. Thanks for the input TAdams.

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