Passaic County Community College - 100 Reasons

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Passaic County Community College - 100 Reasons
Noteworthy June 2008
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Submitted by: jf178
School: Passaic County Community College

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Clean lines and I really like the feature item, it grabs your attention.

I like the dynamic flash header that keeps changing reasons - it keeps my attention and makes me want to learn more about the school.

Love the idea and design. Absolutely BONEHEAD move to put this on a separate .com domain.

Also more of this list should be linked to specific pages throughout the site. Out of the top ten alone only two have links and neither of those use usability or keyword rich links. In number one alone why can't Students, Faculty, Administration all be links to those respective departments?

Simply overlooking something that critical really ruins it for me. Great idea that could still be a home run with a little more work.

I like the cleaness and the idea. Was this part of a marketing campaign?

Shockingly nice looking and clever for a community college site.

See that's just nice. Easy on the eye, very Web2.0 looking and does it's job well. They should be pleased with this.

Nice and balanced.

Beautifully done, although I agree with James - making a stronger connection between content would have made this even better.

I am in love with the random reasons featured in the header!

Cool looking, usability nightmare though.

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