EDU Checkup: Boston University, Grantham University

Posted January 7th, 2012 by Nick DeNardis

The first week of 2012 started off on a shaky note but then redeemed itself with the second site.

The ten second test for Grantham University got off to a rocky start, I was immediately presented with a pop up that took over the entire screen. Before I could even learn what they are about they popped up a request for information form. Although I would probably eventually request more information, it wouldn’t be the first thing I would do as a perspective student. Going through the site more I was eventually able to get the information I was looking for but it wasn’t anything that knocked my socks off. Lastly, the code looked like it cobbled together through various systems and didn’t have the attention to detail that I thought it deserved.

Secondly, Boston University – College of Engineering got my attention during the ten second test, but not for a pop up, the information on their homepage was interesting. The use of large images, appropriate titles and spacing made it a pleasure to browse. At one point I was exploring the site and clicked deeper and deeper without even realizing it. The level of information was great and the organization was a no brainer. The use of text replacement made me realize how much attention to detail they put in to the site. Overall this is a departmental site worth comparing your own to.

If you’re interested in having your university (or one of your competitors) reviewed publicly or privately feel free to submit your site. Over half of the sites reviewed on EDU Checkup are by request.

This Week’s Reviews

Site Visual Information Code Overall
Boston University – College of Engineering – Episode #290 98 93 90 (281/300) 93% A
Grantham University – Episode #289 60 82 67 (209/300) 69% C-

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