EDU Checkup: Missouri State University, Brown University

Posted September 25th, 2010 by Nick DeNardis

This week we had a treat with two recently redesigned site both implementing HTML5. To be honest both sites did an amazing job, although they didn’t go fully into CSS3 what they did implement is bleeding edge for most websites across the web. The first, Missouri State University took a very clean approach to their homepage. Hovering over any one of the six simple menu items at the top pull down the menu for all of them. This is a simple approach to get visitors to explore with their mouse and not be overwhelmed by a mega menu. The rest of the site was very straight forward with easy access to request information, visit campus and apply. Overall it was a smooth experience.

The second site, Brown University took photos center stage. The whole entrance experience of their site is filled with vibrant and interesting photos. Their use of text replacement makes the site feel unique but the inability to copy and paste that text makes it hard to use as a resource. Beyond the homepage the child pages are filled with useful events and promotions on the sides, they do a great job using each page to cross promote events and news. The department level sites all seem to still be maintained separately but they are on the right track with their main site.

Overall two great sites at the leading edge of HTML5 implementations. Both are worth checking out and learning from.

If you’re interested in having your university (or one of your competitors) reviewed publicly or privately feel free to submit your site. Over half of the sites reviewed on EDU Checkup are by request.

This Week’s Reviews

Site Visual Information Code Overall
Brown University – Episode #192 97 91 97 (285/300) 95% A
Missouri State University – Episode #191 95 78 97 (270/300) 90% A-

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