EDU Checkup: Pomona College, The University of Alabama

Posted November 21st, 2009 by Nick DeNardis


I only reviewed two sites this week, each at completely different ends of the spectrum. The first, Pomona College, did doing pretty much everything wrong. From the massive amounts of text on the homepage, the small footprint of the site (800px wide) to the flow of information. The design was definitely dated and so was the style of coding. Using tables to layout the design has been taboo for quite some time now.

On the other hand, it seemed The University of Alabama was doing pretty much everything right. Their site design was clean, to the point and easy to scan. The flow of information was great from a first time user’s perspective looking for a degree program and discovering what else was available. The site gave the user options throughout the whole process and was a joy to use overall. Last but not least the great deal of attention they paid to the code cannot go unmentioned. Their efforts to make the site as accessible and fast loading as possible really shined through.

This Week’s Reviews

Site Visual Information Code Overall
The University of Alabama – Episode #129 98 93 99 (290/300) 96% A
Pomona College – Episode #128 49 70 22 (141/300) 47% F-

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