EDU Checkup: West Virginia University, Ferris State University, University of Melbourne

Posted March 18th, 2009 by Nick DeNardis


This week on EDU Checkup I took some requests. Each had their own strengths, West Virginia had great visual appeal, Ferris State had great information and University of Melbourne got the first ever 100% on code.

With each site comes a “Tip of the Day”, I have been getting quite a few requests for a listing page of tips. Instead of just lisitng them all by week I am going to categorize them and make them searchable before making the page live. I just find something random and talk about it but if you want to hear something specific I am open to it. Is there any categories of tips you would like me to cover?

If you would like me to review your site or one of your competitors you can submit it on the Suggest a Site form. I can do a public or private review in case you don’t want to share your rock star success with the world.

Stay tuned to the @educheckup twitter account and RSS feed for more site updated in the coming weeks. Also if you have not subscribed to the iTunes feed yet its a great way to get new episodes automatically.

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